Welcome to the world of Csar!

For us, women are in focus.

Csar’s main theme is classic beauty, sublime details, precious fabrics and above all, exceptional fit. We create our collections according to your needs and desires. Our models allow you to feel beautiful, feminine, fashionable and comfortable, all at the same time. We take pride in designing models that are appropriate at work as well as at the cocktail party depending on how you choose to match them. Wearing a Csar design you can rely on new trends, timeless fashion as well as an exceptional quality.


  1. PunktorIs a family company, founded in 1997 by Margareth Lundin

  2. PunktorProduce high quality collections solely within the European Union

  3. PunktorGuarantee exclusivity due to performance, finish, service and short series of models

  4. PunktorOffers a wide choice of multiple patterns and different fabrics to appeal even the most demanding customers.